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The Fault in Our Stars: Book Discussion!

Hello and welcome! Today is Tuesday, April 17th 2018, and as you may know, Tuesday is review/discussion day. Today I am going to be discussing the book The Fault in Our Stars by John Green.

You may have already heard of this title, considering it is one of the most popular fiction YA books. I gave it a shot, and ending up really enjoying it! Keep reading to learn more about this bookishly famous title.


Hazel Grace is an ordinary teen. She likes to read her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction and hang out with friends. There is something different about her though, she has a rare form of cancer in her lungs. She is going to a ‘support group’ where teenagers dealing with cancer or other sicknesses come to talk to each other and make friends. Support group had never been Hazel’s favorite, until one day another support group member with eye cancer walks in with one of his friends. The minute Isaac’s friend, named Augustus Waters, and Hazel’s eyes meet, their love interest grows strong for one and other. Augustus had had cancer before, but he got over it and is now healthy. The two go through ups and downs and adventures and laughs together as they come together and form a great relationship.

As you may have seen before whether it is on television or you witnessed it yourself, a lot of kids dealing with these big sicknesses get little treats or goodies – as Hazel would call them ‘cancer perks’. Well, Hazel Grace has always wanted to go to Amsterdam in the Neverlands to meet the author of her favorite book, An Imperial Affliction. Peter

Van Houden lives there with his assistant. Gus decides to use his ‘cancer perk’ to go to Amsterdam with Hazel and meet Peter.

Characters and Traits

– Hazel

Hazel has a big heart and is wise beyond her years. She is a very absolute character and has a dry, sarcastic personality.

– Gus

Gus is also very wise. He is very mature and can think of things in very different fashions. He is a respectful and loving character.

– Isaac

Isaac is a very techy character who loves video games and having Gus as a friend. He is very mature and smart.

My Opinion

I loved reading TFIOS and thought it was a great book. I loved the characters, their personalities, and they way John Green wrote them. You almost feel like you know these characters personally, even though they are fictional!

Wrap Up

All in all, I thought this was a great book and I definitely recommend it. Make sure to follow me on Goodreads at If you liked this post be sure to like it and subscribe for more book review and bookish articles! If you ever have questions or comments, email me at or visit my contact page. Have an amazing day, and happy reading!

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