Books to Read if You Loved Harry Potter Books!

Did you love reading the Harry Potter books and are now having trouble finding new books to read after you finished the series? Are you sad and depressed because the Harry books came to an end? If so, this is the article for you. Today I am going to be suggesting 6 books that you may like if you obsessed over the Harry books. Keep reading to learn about my suggestions!

1. Inkheart Cornelia Funke

Inkheart is a great fantasy trilogy that Harry Potter fans can obsess over. There are three books, each very long and magical, centering around a girl named Meg and her father Mo whose mom/wife got sucked into Inkheart, a fantasy book Mo was reading aloud to his daughter and wife. They go along on a quest to find Mo’s wife and Meg’s mother.

2. The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins

You have probably already heard of The Hunger Games, but if you haven’t, they are a series of fantasy books, similar to Harry Potter, but set in a Dystopian World. If you enjoyed Harry Potter, you are bound to enjoy these as well!

3. The Night Circus Erin Morgenstern

The Night Circus is a Young Adult book that is set in historical London. It is about a traveling magic circus. The circus contains magical gardens, acrobats, and so much more! I recommend this to anyone looking for a good fairytale similar to Harry Potter.

4. The Lunar Chronicles: Marissa Meyer

I love The Lunar Chronicles! They are by far one of my favorite series of all time. I especially loved the first book (pictured) called Cinder! They are a series of fairytale retellings set in the future. For example, Cinderella is Cinder, a half cyborg, half human who is a talented mechanic. I have a review on my Goodreads and on this blog if you want to check them out.

Blog post here.

Goodreads post here.

5. The Chronicles of Narnia: Clive Staples Lewis

The Chronicles of Narnia is another one of my favorite series. This is one of the sets of books that really triggered my love for reading. I recommend these books to anyone, no matter what age or interest you have – anyone can enjoy them!

6. The Amulet Series: Kazu Kibuishi

The Amulet series is a set of books about where one of the characters has a magical amulet that leads the group of friends on different adventures. They are all graphic novels, even though I don’t generally like graphic novels, these books were pretty fun! the Harry Potter books and the Amulet books have similar plot lines.

Thats a wrap for today’s post! I really hope you enjoyed. Be sure to like this post if you enjoyed, and tell me which books you think people will enjoy if they loved Harry Potter. If you liked this post and would like to see more like it, subscribe to this blog and follow me here. If you enjoy my book reviews and discussions, be sure to head over to my Goodreads for more posts just like those. Follow my Pinterest to see where I get a bunch of fun reading inspiration! Anyways, have a fantastic day, and happy reading!

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    Great selections for a list like this! I’ve read all but The Lunar Chronicles and The Amulet Series, so I will definitely have to put those on my TBR list. I was happy to see The Night Circus here, it’s a favorite of mine! Keep up the awesomeness, Libby! -Ms. Krause

    May 30, 2018 at 7:23 pm
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