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The Alcatraz Escape Review!

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The Alcatraz Escape Book Review

By Jennifer Chambliss Bertman


I really enjoyed this book! It was a great third book of a great series, The Book Scavenger. I was fortunate to get a copy from Macmillan Publishers for review, which I am super thankful for. Thank you again Macmillan! Stay tuned for a fun review!


Publisher: Henry Holt and Co/Macmillan

Publication Date: May 1, 2018

Genre: Fiction Mystery

Age Group: Middle Grade to Young Adult readers

Stance: 3rd book in the Book Scavenger trilogy


The infamous game maker – Garrison Griswold is back again with another hands – on puzzle challenge, this time set on the one and only Alcatraz Island located right off the coast of San Francisco. Emily and James cannot wait to participate in the challenge test their puzzle knowledge, but with their sudden wave of popularity things don’t go quite like they expected. Threatening notes and anonymous players wanting to take them the puzzle solving duo out of the game. With this in mind, Emily and James can’t enjoy Alcatraz like they wanted to. When Emily’s brother, Matthew, who is also playing the game gets caught with proof for things he never did. Emily and James were then sure Matthew is being framed. They are both determined to crack this Alcatraz mystery. As the two kids go along trying to crack both the Matthew mystery, and the escape room mysterious clues lead them to a list of suspects and weird happenings.


Overall I would say about a 3.75/5 stars.

Thats a wrap! I hope you all enjoyed it! I want to thank Macmillan again for sending me a copy, I was so excited! I hope you all check this book out if you enjoy middle grade mystery books, or if the review sounds interesting to you! I have more exciting posts coming soon, so get excited!


Sorry for the lack of posting lately, I have a lot of fun (and longer) posts planned to come out soon!







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