Bookworm Struggles!

I love to read, but reading comes with a lot of struggles. Finding a comfortable reading position, getting angry, and much, much more. Today I am telling you some book struggles that I can relate to! I hope you get a laugh out of these struggles and can relate to them!

1. When your book has only 25 pages left, but still has a lot of explaining to do!

I can relate to this so much! I start to get stressed when I am about to finish a book that still has so much to explain and so many unanswered questions! The worst part about it is when you finish a books that doesn’t explain what they need to explain! I get so frustrated!

2. When you see books in the background of a picture and you are struggling to read the titles.

This is me all the time. Trying to decipher book titles on bookstagram is the hardest task ever!

3. When you are struggling to find the perfect reading position that gets the right angle of reading while keeping your whole body warm under the blanket.

This is me every night of my life. I can’t stand it and wind up reading with my head underneath the blanket to keep everything warm.

4. When you lose your bookmark in your bed sheets.

It’s everyday bro.

5. Back and neck pains from reading in awkward positions

All the time!

6. When you are reading with your book above your face and your clumsy fingers accidentally drop the book on your face.

I have had many bruises that come and go from this situation!

7. When you finish a book in a series and have no idea what to do with yourself until you get the next book.

The Land of Stories.

8. Continuously telling yourself ‘one more chapter’ until the end of the book.

This is me all the time. Before I know it I have finished a whole book when I was planning on only reading the blurb.

9. Finishing a conclusion to a series and having to remember that you are in the real world and not the book world.

This is the worst feeling. After finishing The Land of Stories I was so shocked and emotional.

10. When people ask what your favorite book is.

I have to do a long mental process of elimination to get down to 20.

11. When you think you have another chapter left in a book but it is just a bunch of blank pages.

So devastating!

12. When you buy a brand new book and a week later the book comes out again with new and fancy cover art.

I get so mad at myself!

That’s it for today’s post! I hope you got a laugh out of these and can relate!





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