Author Recommendations: Great Authors For Young Elementary Readers

In this post I am going to be discussing my favorite author for young elementary readers, mostly grades K-3rd. I have always loved books ever since I learned how to read, so today I am going to share some of the most memorable and entertaining authors I remember reading as a young elementary reader! I mostly read YA and some Middle Grade now, but these authors are only children’s chapter book recommendations. I may do a favorite YA authors and Middle Grade too!

1. Jessica Day George

Jessica writes the Castle Glower series for young readers. They are about a magical castle that changes/gets bigger every Tuesday. The first book is called Tuesdays at The Castle.

Estimated Grade: 2-3

2. Jen Calonita

Jen wrote the Fairy Tale Reform School series where kids from Enchantsia that may be on the path to becoming fairy tale villains go to Fairy Tale Reform School, a school in which the former fairy tale villains, like The Wicked Stepmother and The Big Bad Wolf all teach classes to help reform them.

Estimated Grade: 3

3. Chris Grabenstein

Chris writes children’s books both on his own and also co-authors with James Patterson. He wrote Mr. Lemoncello’s Library on his own, a puzzle book where kids are trying to escape a library as a challenge.

Estimated Grade: 2-3

4. James Patterson

Most people know James as an adult author, but believe it or not he also has written some great children’s books as well. My favorite is Jacky Haha, a book set years ago about a girl named Jacky Hart who stutters when saying her last name, making her sound like she is saying ‘Haha’ instead of ‘Hart’. It is a very humorous and engaging young children chapter book! The book also has big font, so it is easy to read for younger readers! Estimates Grade: 2-3

5. Elisabetta Dami

Elisabetta is an Italian author who writes the Geronimo Stilton books. These books are very well known about a mouse who’s name is Geronimo. They have a big font and colorful letters, perfect for beginner readers.

Estimated Grade: K-2

6. Beverly Cleary

Beverly wrote the well know Ramona books about a young girl named Ramona and her big sister Beezus. The books take readers on adventures with silly Ramona and Beezus, who thinks Ramona is a ‘pest’. They are very humorous and do a good job keeping the young reader’s attention.

Estimated Grade: K-3 (honestly great for any reader of any age!)

7. Barbara Park:

Barbara wrote the Junie B Jones books about a girl named Junie who has a hilarious sassy personality. I recommend these books so much because they help kids realize that reading is always boring, it can actually be fun too!

Estimated Grade: K-2

8. Jane O’Connor

Jane wrote the Fancy Nancy books and the Nancy Clancy chapter books. They are about a little girl named Nancy who is a fashionista.

Estimated Grade: 1-3

9. Carolyn Keene

Carolyn Keene is a pseudonym for Mildred Benson. Mildred wrote the Nancy Drew mysteries about a girl named Nancy who is a young detective. She solves crime and mysteries in each of the 56 classic books.

Estimated Grade: 2-3

10. Elizabeth Eulberg

Elizabeth wrote the Shelby Holmes books about a young girl named Shelby who is a detective mastermind and solves anything from puzzles to small mishaps. Based on evidence she can determine a lot about people, making her a very successful detective.

Estimated Grade: 1-3

12. Kate Dicamillo

Kate is most well known for her book Because of Winn Dixie, but my favorite book of hers has always been Raymie Nightingdale. It is about a young girl who’s father runs away from her and her mom, so she is determined to get herself on the news so her father can see it and come.

Estimated Grade: 2

13. Carl Hiaasen

Carl wrote Hoot, a very popular children’s chapter book about Roy, a middle aged kid who just moved to Florida and finds out that the city is trying to build a pancake restaurant on land that small owls live under. He is determined to stop the city from doing this and save the poor owls. This is a great book to read aloud to younger kids, it has a lot of humorous parts that kids seem to love! I recommended this to my 3rd grade little brother and now it is one of his favorite books!

Estimated Grade: 1-3

14. Peggy Parish

Peggy wrote the humorous and well known Amelia Bedelia books, a series in which Amelia, a little girl takes everything very literally. For example, when she played baseball and her team told her to run “home” she ran literally to her home!

Estimated Grade: K-3

15. Gordon Korman

Gordon has written over 80 children’s chapter books. My personal favorite series of his is the Masterminds trilogy about a group of kids who live in this perfect and safe community in New Mexico with no crime or negativity, and they eventually find out that their town isn’t anything like it seems and it is connected to some of the biggest criminal masterminds in history. I really enjoyed these books and I am sure younger elementary readers will too. They are very fast paced and thrilling, which helps keep kid’s attentions.

Estimated Grade: 2-3

16. Katherine Applegate

Katherine is most well known for her great book for young readers, The One And Only Ivan, but my favorite of hers is Wishtree, a book about a tree named Red that people from her village hang wishes on every Wish Day. It is a really cute young elementary read for beginner readers. Estimated Grade: 1-3

17. Herman Parish

Herman is Peggy Parish’s nephew, Peggy being the original author of the Amelia Bedelia books. He wrote a continuation series of chapter books to the original series that is also titled Amelia Bedlia, but they are a bit longer than the originals.

Estimated Grade: K-2

Thanks for reading! I have never done a author recommendation post before, so I decided to try it out! I hope you enjoy it and get some author suggestions for your young elementary reader!

P.S I am planning on doing a YA and Middle Grade author recommendations too, so stay tuned!!





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