I Got a Black Lab! Blogmas Day 4

If you follow my instagram, @libbylongstocking you many know that I recently adopted an adorable black Labrador retriever, Boone. I wanted to do a post to introduce him to readers, and also to welcome him to our family.

Full Name: Sir Boone Dock Saint

Nicknames: Boone, Booney, Boone Boone, Boo, Love, Boone boy, cuddle bug, B money.

Breed: Labrador Retriever

Age: he just turned 4!

Personality: playful, snuggly, goofy, athletic, energetic, sweet, gentle, loyal.

Favorite things: OBSESSED with playing fetch, human food, snuggling, laying in human beds, playing with toys, sleeping, running, exercising, and most of all belly rubs.

Instagram: @SirBooneDockTheLab (go follow him!)


Boone was adopted at 8 weeks old by his former family. At the time he lived in Idaho, but they relocated to Tacoma, WA. A few years went by and they recently had to re-home him because life was too hectic with their young human kids, and they had another on the way. My family got in contact with his old family and shortly after met them halfway between where we live and Tacoma to pick Boone up. Although this is so sad, life is great in his new home. He now spends the day with me while I work, taking breaks to go and play fetch every hour or so. He gets super excited when his human brother comes home from school, and his human daddy comes home from work. He loves to watch his human mommy cook, and watch his bro play video games. He loves to take pictures with me, and sit on your lap while watching a movie. (he’s a lap dog at heart).

Labs have always held a special place in my heart, they are the purest and loving animals. I am so thankful we found Boone and that he is now apart of our family.

I hope you enjoyed #Blogmas Day 4 today! I thought it would be good to introduce Boone for he is going to be in a lot of vlogs and blog posts of mine. Have a great day everyone!






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