7 Money Saving Tips For The Holidays – Blogmas Day 12

During the season of giving I wanted to share some of my favorite ways to save money while shopping on a budget. Happy #Blogmas Day 12!

1. Honey

Honey is an application that can run all coupons and possible deals automatically for you while online shopping. I have personally saved so much money using Honey, and the best part is that its 100% free!

2. Coupon Codes

Although sometimes overlooked, coupons are a great way to save money this season. Collecting coupons really has helped me save more, and they all add up tremendously over time.

3. Looking on multiple sites

Sometimes while online shopping, looking on different websites helps compare prices. If you are thinking about ordering something, be sure to check out other sites that sell the same product for possible deals.

4. Sign up for Amazon Prime

Signing up for Prime helps you save on shipping costs. Shipping costs can be so high sometimes, so Prime is a great alternative.

5. Plan out gifts

Plan out what you are gifting so you can be prepared with your money. Planning gifts out both helps you stay organized but also save lots!

6. Do your research

Research gifts based on the person/organization you are gifting. This way you know that you are getting the most for your money, and also getting things that they will enjoy.

7. Make it thoughtful

Sometimes the things that don’t cost money mean the most to people, like a simple act of kindness, or a giant hug! Anyone can spend $200 on lipstick, but sometimes just pure time spent together mean the most.






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