Elegant Jumpsuit in Maui + More Fashion Pieces

Hi guys! It has been a little while since I have posted on the blog. The past month I took a break from writing the blog itself and focused a little more on my instagram and youtube channel. I posted a video recently that and have been working on editing and uploading more since. I am back now and am trying manage the blog, youtube, instagram, a social life, sleep, working out and more. I guess you can say it is a little overwhelming, but I am totally here for the ride. My full Maui posts are coming soon, but to start it off I wanted to talk about my latest clothing obsession – this jumpsuit! I posted a few pictures with it on instagram and SOOO many people loved it as well so I thought I would share it with you today!

To start off, I purchased the jumpsuit from American Eagle Outfitters – I believe it was around $50 which is quite spendy, I debated on whether or not to get it but it was just too hard not to. It is so soft and comfortable, so in my opinion it was worth it. Here is the link to a very similar one (I couldn’t find the original)

Before our flight took off, I stopped in Urban Outfitters in Seattle to look for a small purse. I wanted something compact that would match my outfits and not be too expensive. I came across one that was a plain okay, I liked it and all but it definitely wasn’t what I had in mind. As I was about to walk out I saw this purse and fell in love. It was perfect, it fit my vlog camera, phone, and sunglasses yet wasn’t too big and chunky. It was around $60, but to me it was so worth it. Here is a link if you are interested.

As for my shoes, for most of the trip I just wore these flip flops from Target. They were super comfortable and matched everything. They were $20 and to me totally worth it! Here is the link.

Alright, that is all I have for today! I will see you all soon with another post!











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