Summer Outfit Ideas for Instagram: 2019 Lookbook

Libby taking photo against a blue wall

Hey guys! It has been so long and I’ve missed writing blog posts like crazy. I took down my wix site to make the transition to WordPress. It was SO much harder than expected and I have spent more hours crying about it than I’d like to admit. I am back now and have the site all figured! I will being writing a post soon about how I switched + the do’s and don’ts. For today’s post I thought it would be fun to kick off summer with some cute, boho and chic outfits for the good old gram’. I love dressing up for photoshoots so I figured since summer has officially started I would show you all some of my ideas!

 1. Blue Wall Contrasted Look 

Libby taking photo against a blue wall

For this look I wanted some simple yet elegant and cute. I paired these shorts with a simple white tank top from American Eagle and posed against a blue wall while frolicking the streets of Greenwich Village. I told my mom (who took the photo) to come from a different angle with the camera while I looked the other way. This achieved a different, more complex look than your average angle and turned out so cute!

Brick Wall Photoshoot

For this look I wanted it to be a more serious, classy vibe. I paired the same outfit as the last post against a gorgeous brick wall and acted as if I was pushing my hair out of my face. It turned out super cute and I love the way it looks with my main preset.

Library Dweller Shot

While roaming Strand Bookstore in NYC I thought it would be fun to get a shot of me looking through all the books. I acted as if I was reaching for a book and my mom snapped the shot! I LOVE the way this photo turned out, especially with all the vibrant colors!

Thats it for today’s post! I am super exciting to be back blogging and creating content for you all this summer. Xoxo

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