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Simple Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Planet

It’s 2019, and in all reality everyone is talking about saving the environment. When this topic first became a big thing on social media, I was so confused. I didn’t understand what everyone was talking about and I questioned the morals behind the “like this post and we’ll donate a dollar” accounts that were all over Instagram.

Fast forward a few months and I have now allowed myself time to sit through and read all the events that are happening in the world. Right now, The Amazon Rainforest is on fire and it isn’t being covered by the media at all; until people on social media started spreading the word. Now the event has much more recognition and activists are doing everything they can to help.

All in all, social media has become a huge way to spread activism and real-life issues and is believed to be helping bring awareness to our current climate change crisis.

In honor of this, I decided to dedicate this week’s post to Simple Ways You Can Help Save The Environment. Let’s get started!


This is one of my top pet peeves, Costco; a large grocery store company (that I often shop at) has a HUGE stack of plastic water bottles in the store and these sell out daily. Let’s say there are 600 packs sold daily, each of which with 24 water bottles. That is over 14,000 plastic waterbottles sold DAILY. That is just for ONE STORE. On top of that, there are 770 Costco stores as of March 2019. This means in just one day there is around 11088000 sold DAILY at Costco stores alone. Now, think about how many other stores sell water bottles. To name a few, Target, Walmart, Gas Stations, really anywhere! The reason these companies are continuing to produce these large amounts of waterbottles + other plastic products is that everyday people continue to buy them, regularly. The market produces more of what is bought – and if you stop buying they will no longer be able to produce.

2. Depop/Poshmark

Fast Fashion is a huge environmental issue that many activists are spreading the word on social media. The only problem is, most of us regularly shop at these huge companies that support fast fashion. Why? Well, these clothes are normally cheaper, trendy and easier to access rather than solely eco-friendly clothes. I personally don’t have the budget or time to spend $70 on an environmentally clean shirt. It’s just reality. But what I do do is selling and buying clothes on Depop/Poshmark. What are these? Depop and Poshmark and similar online clothing companies that specialize in gently used clothing. I recently bought this skirt off of Poshmark. It was originally $50 at Urban Outfitters, but I got it for only $17! By buying second-hand clothes you are helping save the environment from fast fashion and are also getting cute apparel for cheap.

3. Paper > Plastic

A few years ago, my mom stopped buying plastic products (straws, spoons, bowls, cups, etc.) and starting buying all these things in paper form. Unlike plastic, the paper is bio-degradable therefore better for the environment. Much like what I said about the water bottles, the market produces more of what you buy; so if you are always buying plastic products the market will make more that eventually end up in the ocean and in other parts of our earth.

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