Corona virus (COVID-19) from the eyes of a Washingtonian

I am writing to you all, live from Washington State 03.13.20 at 5:41pm and as of currently, things aren’t looking too good.

As most of you know, COVID-19 is currently spreading rapidly, starting in Wuhan, China and is has now struck the U.S. The most infected state right now is Washington, and that happens to be where I live. Don’t get me wrong, people have been in a panic for a bit now, but it got really bad today. Why? Well, Governor Inslee has now announced that all WA schools, public & private are to shut down until AT LEAST April 24th, which is over a month from now. Phones have been blowing up from “are you okay?” texts, grocery stores are wiped, and it’s truly the talk of the nation.

So, the big question is: are we okay? Well, I, of course, can’t speak for everyone here but so far, YES. My family and I have been taking great precautions and avoiding every potential spot to catch it.

There are currently 509 cases in WA as I’m typing this the numbers are going up. We are not currently in any sort of isolation, although what the next couple of days for us (and the rest of the country) is truly unknown.

Attached is a chart of the most infected states. You may notice that WA has an obscure amount of deaths compared to the other leading states, that is because a few weeks ago the virus sadly hit a facility in Seattle, and it quickly spread to many many places in the greater Seattle area. 

I am going to update this post regularly when updates arise, so stay tuned! There is obviously lots to come with this case and it’s so so important for everyone to stay informed. 
In the meantime am attaching some photos below + links to a few articles to read and catch you up to speed if you are not already.



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