About Me


I am Libby Paige, the owner and girl behind LibbyLongstocking.



I first started this blog in April of 2018. At the time I was going through a lot and needed a place to escape and share my passion: reading books. Overtime as my blog grew and I grew as a person I started adding in fashion and travel posts, all of which are things I love to do and experience.


My goal with this blog is to create a place that girls of all ages can come to read about fashion, traveling and all things adventure. I have battled anxiety my whole life and something that helped me was reading blogs with authors that have similar interests as me. Now that years have passed and I am happier and in a better state my goal is to be that someone for another young girl whom may be struggling. I also want to create a place where everyone can feel non judged and interact with others who share a love for arts. I want to help answer any questions you may have (whether it is about blogging, life, or anything at all) and make sure I can help bloggers who are just starting out.


As I said earlier, I have battled anxiety my whole life. I’ve spent a lot of hours crying and stressing and worrying over every little thing and it got to the point where I left public school for a new start. I loved learning at school but the social scene and drama made it so hard for me to continue to go. Around September 2017 I developed a stress caused disorder called Trichotillomania. I lost a lot of hair and became extremely self conscious. I am a really short person and with my hair situation on top of that I began to despise the way I looked. I hid in beanies and wore large clothing to cover my self up during school hours. As I said, I left school in April 2018 and began to homeschool. At this point I had been going to school everyday my whole entire life. I knew nothing about homeschooling or no idea what it was like. After getting settled with this new lifestyle of mine I began LibbyLongstocking. I ALWAYS wanted a blog but worried heavily about what people at school would think. Now that I had left it was a brand new start for me, I could create content that I loved and do so with no judgment from peers. I began posting everyday during that Spring and made some of my best friends online who are also bloggers like me. Basically, with all this being said – the inspiration for my blog was my anxiety. I needed a creative outlet and something to my mind of of things. Fast forward a year and I am happier than I have ever been. I have made amazing blogging friends, I am able to make commission off of something I am so passionate about, work with amazing brands and do what I love without judgement. My hair has grown back and is on track again, I have moved houses, adopted the love of my life; my labrador named Boone, traveled around the country and I continue to love homeschooling (even though school just got out and its summer now!)

All in all what I want to say is that what you are going through is temporary. I still have anxiety to this day but have learned ways to overcome it and have been able to live a happy life. During the worst days I never thought my situation would get any better, but I am here to truly say that it all does get better and you are loved and worth it. Xoxo

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