5 Ways to Organize Your Bookshelf Based on Your Personality and Preferences

When I first got my bookshelf, I rearranged it 5x within the first week. I was having trouble finding a method that not only looked organized, but was also functional for me. After doing some research, I eventually found a few methods that I liked – today I am going to be sharing some of my favorites ways to organize your bookshelf based on your preferences and personality.

1. Color Coded For The Visual Reader

If you are the kind of reader who remembers books by their covers or their visuals, this may be the option for you. A lot of us humans are very visual learners, we remember things by the way they look and learn things with visual methods. I love this method because it is not only functional for a lot of people, but it is also very vibrant and organized looking. Say you can’t remember what the title or author is to the book you are looking for on your bookshelf, but you faintly remember what the cover looks like, you can go to that section on your shelf and find your book, or be much closer to finding that book.

2. Newest – Oldest For The Reader With a Memory

This is a great way to organize your books if you generally do a good job remembering when or where you got certain books from. Say you have trouble remembering publication dates, authors, titles etc., this would be a great method for you. If you ever are having trouble remembering any of the tedious facts about books, you can just remember personally when YOU bought the book – if it is more recently, the book will be further towards the left, if it was a while ago, to the right etc. This is a great method for any reader who remembers when or where they got books, but not the official facts.

3. Books You Want To Read Soon – Books You Don’t Care About Putting Off For a While For The Productive/Prolific Reader

This is the method that I am currently using, and I really enjoy it. It is perfect for the reader who has a lot of books they want to get to reading (me!) and needs a physical way of organizing themselves. This helps me level the amount of importance and urge to read books in a way that I am comfortable with. A lot of people get overwhelmed by their TBR, (also known as books you want to read). So this method will help to not overwhelm you. Also, it is very fun to evaluate which books you want to read next and level out their importance!

4. Alphabetical (By Author or Title) For The Traditional Reader

This is the most common method, (and the most plain…) but it is not a bad way of organizing. It may seem basic, but it does fit a lot of reader’s preferences. You can organize by the titles of books, or the authors. This is a good method if you have a series of books by the same author that you want to keep in the same general area. This is also a good method to practice since most libraries use it.

5. By Genre For The Favoriting Reader

Another way of organizing your shelf is by genre. If you are the kind of reader that has an absolute favorite genre, this is a great method for you. It allows you to organize book for their subject, making it easier to access books that you enjoy most.

Thanks so much for reading. I really hope you not only enjoyed this, but also got some ideas on which bookshelf organizational method is best for you.






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