My Non-Materialistic Current Favorites of Winter 2020

    One of my goals for 2020 was to become more minimalist and surround myself with people, places, and even things that truly make me happy. Since then, my routine, mindset and overall well being has definitely taken a change for the better and i’m excited to show you all some of the things that have been making my days super happy lately (aka my current favorites!) Continue reading

    Lifestyle + Health

    Simple Changes You Can Make To Help Save The Planet

    It’s 2019, and in all reality everyone is talking about saving the environment. When this topic first became a big thing on social media, I was so confused. I didn’t understand what everyone was talking about and I questioned the morals behind the “like this post and we’ll donate a dollar” accounts that were all over Instagram.

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    Favorite Products


    If you have spent a lot of time on the internet this past year, you would know that Redbubble stickers are super in right now. You can put them on your laptop, your waterbottle (hyrdoflask, specifically) and really anywhere. Starting with the “vsco girls” doing it it has now spread to basically every teen girl. They are super cute, trendy and can really describe your personality based on the stickers you chose. The only drawback is… they can be expensive af. I have spent a lot of time looking for a strategy to get stickers for free/discounted, because let’s be real here; no one wants to spend five whole dollars per sticker. I have found an easy and effective method that you can use and I am here to share it today, let’s get started!

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    Tank Top Roundup: Best summer tanks for teens

    My whole entire life I have worn tank tops. I love the functionality, look and style of them and I have found so many great ones over the years. Today I am going to be sharing some of the best tank tops you can rock this summer!

    Brandy Melville Beyonca Tank

    I love this collection of tanks that Brandy has! A few months ago I purchases a few of the Beyonce tanks and I now wear them all the time. They are lightweight, supportive and just so comfortable. I have this grey one and this white ruffled one, I love pairing this with this sweater (if it’s a little cold outside) and this skirt to achieve a cute and simple black and white kind of look.

    Target Wild Fable Camis (On SALE for 2.10$ Originally 3$)

    Target recently came out with a summer collection called wild fable… and let me just say i’m obsessed. This tank is ONLY THREE DOLLARS, that’s right, only THREE. The whole collection is soo soft and such great quality for such a good price.


    Athleta Breezy Tank

    When working out it is important to have a supportive and comfortable outfit. I always work out in some of these athleta tops, they keep me comfortable and supported and are also super cute and fashionable


    Zella Tank Tops

    I would say Zella clothing is one of my all time favorite collections. After discovering their dreamy leggings a few years ago I have been their #1 buyer since. I love wearing these workout tank tops by them and also some more casual and cute ones when I am out and about.


    American Eagle Boy Tank Top

    I just started shopping at American Eagle recently, I really love their clothes but don’t buy much because it can get expensive. One thing that I have bought multiple of from them is this tank top. They are very simple but oh my gosh they are soo comfortable and fit my body perfectly. I have the yellow one and two of the black ones and wear them all the time.



    Summer Outfit Ideas for Instagram: 2019 Lookbook

    Libby taking photo against a blue wall

    Hey guys! It has been so long and I’ve missed writing blog posts like crazy. I took down my wix site to make the transition to WordPress. It was SO much harder than expected and I have spent more hours crying about it than I’d like to admit. I am back now and have the site all figured! I will being writing a post soon about how I switched + the do’s and don’ts. For today’s post I thought it would be fun to kick off summer with some cute, boho and chic outfits for the good old gram’. I love dressing up for photoshoots so I figured since summer has officially started I would show you all some of my ideas!

     1. Blue Wall Contrasted Look 

    Libby taking photo against a blue wall

    For this look I wanted some simple yet elegant and cute. I paired these shorts with a simple white tank top from American Eagle and posed against a blue wall while frolicking the streets of Greenwich Village. I told my mom (who took the photo) to come from a different angle with the camera while I looked the other way. This achieved a different, more complex look than your average angle and turned out so cute!

    Brick Wall Photoshoot

    For this look I wanted it to be a more serious, classy vibe. I paired the same outfit as the last post against a gorgeous brick wall and acted as if I was pushing my hair out of my face. It turned out super cute and I love the way it looks with my main preset.

    Library Dweller Shot

    While roaming Strand Bookstore in NYC I thought it would be fun to get a shot of me looking through all the books. I acted as if I was reaching for a book and my mom snapped the shot! I LOVE the way this photo turned out, especially with all the vibrant colors!

    Thats it for today’s post! I am super exciting to be back blogging and creating content for you all this summer. Xoxo