Balancing Your Reading + Beating Reading Slumps!

Welcome to LibbyLongstocking! Today I am going to be doing a small post about balancing your reading. As much as I love reading, it is important to balance it all out. I find that when I don’t balance my reading, reading becomes more of a chore than a hobby. I quickly can become mad at myself for not finishing books, not reading several books a week, and it becomes less fun. This also makes it easier for me to get into reading slumps, (periods of time where you find it less fun to read). Before we get started on this awesome LibbyLongstocking post, make sure you subscribe to my website, and also follow me on instagram. I am super active on there – and I interact a lot with followers!

Tip 1: Reading isn’t a chore!

Words can not explain how important this is! Reading is fun! Don’t get mad at yourself, regardless if you read 1 book or 100 books, as long as you are having fun and enjoying that’s all that matters! I went through a time where I had to stop myself from reading, I would get so mad at myself about finishing books in time! Now I have gotten much better, and I simply read because I love it.

Tip 2: Set page goals

This is something that I have always done, and it helps me finish books in time for reviews, and also stay on track! I like to attempt to read 50 pages (in total) each day. This varies based on different people, but personally 50 pages is reasonable for me, and it makes me feel more productive. Whenever I start a book I divide the # of pages by 50, and that is approximately how many days it will take to finish it. Knowing this helps me schedule when the book review will air. Also, I just wanted to add in the fact that you can split up the 50 (or whatever your daily page goal is) into sections to make in seem less intimidating. Somedays I read 25 pages when I wake up, and 25 pages before I fall asleep for the night. Other days I read all 50 pages at once. It truly doesn’t matter, whatever works best for you is the way you should do it!

Tip 3: Read What You Like!

Don’t read books because you feel like you have to, or you feel obligated to. Do it because you take interest in it. Sometimes I read books I am not interested in just because I feel obligated to. This often can cause a reading slump because you are not motivated to read books you are not interested in. Just read books you love, because that’s what it’s all about.

Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to DNF (Did Not Finish) your books!

If you are reading a book that you are truly not enjoying, don’t be afraid to DNF/take a break from it! This way you can move on to better books that you truly enjoy – doing this also makes it less likely to fall into reading slumps, because reading a book you don’t enjoy is no fun for anybody!

Tip 5: Reward Yourself!

Personally, when I finish books I like to reward myself some way. A common way of doing this is reading a book review on the same book, or joining a group discussion on Goodreads about the book! As much as I love reading books, I also love talking about them with fellow book lovers! Goodreads is a great place to do so!




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