Find That Style! Allie Hamilton’s 40’s inspired looks from The Notebook

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Believe it or not, I had never seen the iconic 1940’s romance The Notebook… leading up to this weekend. I have always wanted to watch it, but I assumed it was too mature for me. After doing some research, my mom and I decided to have a girls night in and snuggled up watching The Notebook. Besides the great storyline and amazing acting, one of my favorite elements in this film was the wardrobe. I instantly fell in love with Allie Hamilton’s chic 40’s clothes and hairstyles. If you know me, you would know that vintage is my middle name – so naturally I began researching where I can shop her style and thought ‘I should make a blog post about this!’

Today I am going to be sharing some ways you can shop Allie’s vintage style. I found some similar alternatives to her famous outfits in the film and shared them in this post. Keep reading for some fun style suggestions!

1. Red Tee Shirt Dress

I loved this dress Allie wore while walking with Noah. The red definitely makes a big statement and fits her so well. My favorite part is the pattern on the dress, it is super 40’s and funky!

Here is a dress that I found on Zappos of the similar style. Although they are not exactly the same, I think this one is super cute and gives off a very 40’s vibe. It doesn’t have the pattern that Allie’s has, but I am sure you can probably embroider (or have someone embroider) it on.

2. Red Hat

At one point in the film, Allie pulled off a killer red hat look. I love the way that

red fits her! With some red lipstick and her cute pink jacket, I would totally wear this look! Here is a red hat that I found on Zaful, it has a similar style and definitely gives me a very 40’s vibe. You can check it out here if interested!

3. Vintage Skirt

If you know me, you would know that I LOVE vintage skirts. Something about them is just so elegant and pleasing! So when I saw Allies skirt is this scene I fell in love – after doing some researching I found a similar skirt from a brand named Yoox. At the time that I am writing this, it is currently more than half off – originally almost $200 it is now $70. Great time to snatch it while you can still do so! Check it out here if interested!

4. Iconic Blue Dress

As you all have been waiting for, Allie’s famous blue dress! I love tee shirt dresses and this one was just so cute and graceful. It fit that scene so perfectly. Here is a similar dress I found from Asos, it is originally $100 but is on sale right now for $40! It is so adorable and pretty similar to the original. Click here to check it out!

That is it for today’s post! If you would like to see more Find That Style posts leave a comment below and I’ll make some more for you guys. Allie is honestly one of my favorite movie characters. She had such a strong personality and it was so fun to create this post for you all. Hope you enjoyed and I will see you in my next LibbyLongstocking post!






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