Taylor Swift Book Tag!

This has been a popular book tag throughout the years, so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and post a Taylor Swift Book Tag! Books and music are two of my favorite things, so I thought it would be cool to mash the two together into a fun blog post! They way this is going to work is I will name one of her songs, and there will be a bookish question that corresponds with the song’s title. I will then answer the question with a book. Feel free to play along in the comments! I don’t know who the original creator of this tag is, but I do know it is very popular throughout booktube.

1. Song: Red

Task: Name a book that has a red cover.

Answer: A Grimm Warning

This book was the first to come to mind when I though of books with red covers! I love The Land of Stories, and A Grimm Warning is my favorite of all six books!

2. Song: The Best Day

Task: Name a book that you miss reading.

Answer: Bunnicula!

I remember having so much fun reading Bunnicula in Kindergarten. What Kinder wouldn’t want to read about a vampire bunny?

3. Song: Innocent

Task: Pick a book that someone or something spoiled the ending for you on.

Answer: The Fault in Our Stars!

Since I am only eleven, a lot of YA books have content that is not meant to be read by child readers. So knowing this, I went on to Goodreads one day to read some reviews on TFIOS to see if the content was appropriate. Usually Goodreads will warn you if their is spoilers in a review and give you the option to not view it, but this time they must have missed the spoiler because someone gave away the ending! If you have read TFIOS you know what I am talking about! I was so frustrated!!!

4. Song: You Belong With Me

Task: Name a book that is your most anticipated book release.

Answer: The Land of Stories Book Hugger’s Guide!

Never been more excited for a book! It was a tragic day when I finished Worlds Collide, so I am so excited to jump back into The Land of Stories and revisit everything all over again! I honestly feel like I can not possibly wait until October for this.

5. Song: Ready For It

Task: Name a book that you are ready for it to be released.

Answer: Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge

I have always loved Fairytale retellings, especially Beauty and The Beast ones. I am already planning out my bookstagram post that features this. I am glad that is only a month away, I don’t think I could wait any longer!

6. Song: Everything Has Changed

Task: Name a book that has a character who morphs or changes majorly throughout the book.

Answer: Eustace Clarence Scrubb (from Narnia)

How could I not pick Eustace? He turns into a freaking dragon! Although he eventually turns back, that is a major morph for a snooty cousin of the Pevensies.

7. Song: Look What You Made Me Do

Task: name a book that you were so emotional about ending that you threw/slammed across the room.

Answer: Worlds Collide!

I was so mad about The Land of Stories ending! I had so many burning questions and theories that never got answered! This book was also one of my favorites in the whole series! I am so glad Chris Colfer changed his mind and decided to write more! I don’t know how anyone could possibly move on without knowing what happens after World Collide!

8. Song: New Romantics

Task: Name a book that has recently came out that you really enjoyed.

Answer: The Alcatraz Escape!

This book recently came out and I really enjoyed it. It was released on May 1st and it is the third book in The Book Scavenger series. I really hope the author writes a fourth book!

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoy this, I have never done a tag before so I though it would be fun to try it out and see how it is! I have lots of fun posts like this one coming up as well!





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