February Month In Review/Books I Read This Month

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For today’s #blogpost, I thought it would be fun to recap the month and share with you all where I went, what I did, and what I read.

At the beginning of the month, my family and I decided to take a roadtrip down to Central Oregon to look at some possible new vacation houses. We toured a few and eventually decided on one. I am really happy with the house we decided on and I can’t wait to spend more time down there! Here is some pictures I took while down there:

Something that I also have been investing a lot of time into is my instagram. I took and edited a lot of instagram photos this month, here are a few:

Also, this whole month it has been snowing like CRAZY! We have had so many snow days, and at the time I am writing this it is still snowing so hard! Here is a picture I took out of our living room window:

Also, this month I FINALLY got to reading all three To All The Boys I Loved Before books! They have been on my TBR for so long, but with all the hundreds of other books I want to read that they have been put off for months! Anyways, they were SO GOOD! I binge read all three books in a matter of three days and in that time watched the Netflix movie as well! I am now obsessed with Jenny Han and I think that she really is an amazingly talented author. Something I specifically admire is how well she built the characters, Lara Jean, Peter, Kitty and the rest of them! Definitely recommend reading these books if you haven’t already.

On February 7th, it is national #ShineLightOnSlavery Day. In collaboration with End It Movement, I along with thousands of others took a Red X selfie, and posted it on instagram to raise awareness on slavery. I encourage you to participate in awareness movements on instagram to help make the change we want to see in the world. Here is my picture:

Along with working on my own instagram, I have always been working very hard on my dog Boone’s instagram. He has the cutest photos, you can go check out his page here.

Thanks for reading today’s blog post everyone! Sorry this was so short, I wasn’t planning on posting today but I thought it would be fun to do a bonus shorter post. Have a great rest of your weekend!





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